About me and this site

Hi all, my name is Gee and I started collecting video games in late 2008. It was really just small items at first but I became much more serious in 2009 and started collecting Limited and Collector's editions of video games. Mainly thanks to the site Collectorsedition.org

This has since spread to Collectors Art books, Guide Books and Soundtracks. 

It has become a real passion for me and has at times consume a huge amount of time, to the detriment of my friends and family. 

As my collection started to get bigger I started to lose track of my games. So I started cataloguing them, a simple excel sheet at first but it became too restrictive and a huge file size once pictures were added. 

Then I though it would be better to use the internet and image hosting sites. So here it is, It's quite limited for now but that will change in the future. I will continue to upload  games in the following months. 

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